I’m trying to keep my promise and make more quilts and postcards. At the end of January I finished two fabric postcards for my all year collection. The first one is dedicated to lighthouses. Idea to use it came to me when we were traveling in Oregon last summer. We visited a couple very beautiful lighthouses, and to say honestly I’m getting obsessed with them. Every time when we have a lighthouse on our way we must visit it.

The second fabric postcard is dedicated to beautiful deserts in Arizona and California.

I’m also happy to announce that on April my quilt guild (Coastal Quilters Guild) invited me to be a speaker, and have a workshop. I had a positive feedback from Lompoc Guild about my workshop and lecture, so I decided to try one more time. I’m a little bit nervous, but I know that everything will be ok. In the workshop we’ll be making “The Lighthouse” fabric postcard and this time, besides a pdf-pattern, I decided to make a kit which includes all necessary supplies in it.

If you like it, it’s availiable on my Etsy

If you have enough scraps at home, you can buy a pdf-pattern too.

That’s it for today. Happy sewing!