I really love mini-quilts and believe that creating of mini quilt is the ultimate skill. Anyone can sew 2 by 2 inches squares, but not everyone can sew a quarter-inch square. For a long time I have been thinking about minatures and my first mini quilt “Blue Gzhel” I sewed in 2018. Of course, I did not sew small squares there, but quilting this miniature was not so easy.

Two years have passed and I would be cheating if I said that I would not dream of making another mini-quilt. Last year I started a new quilt, but faced the limit of my sewing capabilities, so I postponed it and decided to make a new one.

This time I decided use the applique and decorate it with a micro quilting. I was inspired by William Morris, but that does not mean that I copied one of his drawings. Everything was drawn by myself.

Everything would be fine, but the details of the appliqué were so tiny that it was I wasn’t able to use hand appliqué or a sewing machine, so a shadow applique was the best decision.

Actually this is the second version of my quilt, since the first one ended up in the trash bin. It happened because I used water soluble thread for the stitch instead of silk. Yes, yes! The bobbins were the same, so I quilted the most of the quilt with thread that would simply dissapper after removing the water soluble marker. But I did not despair and finished the new version of my quilt in 2 weeks. It was not easy, believe me. I managed to finish everything just a day before the deadline to the European quilt festival in Birmingham. The size of the mini-quilt is about 11” x 11”.

All is well that ends well. Thanks to my close friend, Claudia, because she helped me to send my quilt to England. A day before the opening of the exhibition, I received a letter form Festival of Quilts. It said that I won a prise, but I did not know what place I had taken, and therefore I was closely following the news from the festival. I was very happy when I found out that I took 1st place. Here’s a story. Will there be more miniatures? Undoubtedly! In my dreams, I have to overcome my sewing possibilities and make a real miniature quilt.

Dream and you will succeed!